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Cloud Backups


Backup is one of the most important process which every company or individual should think of


Cloud backup for all of your office PCs

Give all employees their own cloud storage space

Complete central administrator control

Access your files from anywhere

Completely secure

Outstanding support.

Desktop Friendly

Screen Reader Compatible

Key Features

Just Install and Relax

Everyone who is running business knows importance of data backup but the hassle of taking regular backups are Consistency, Cost, Availability of Backup and Space and Time Required. Most companies buy ready made software and some external drives to take backup but you have to keep monitoring the backup to make sure it is taken on regular interval and backup drives are sufficient or they need more space. Cost of hardware and Software is much more and need periodic upgrade or additional hardware drives. If something goes wrong to data then restoration of data will not be automatic it needs human intervention.

However Zetta TM Comes up with the product which will help you to overcome all these problems of Backup.

Easy to Use

ZettaTM Bring you cloud backup software which you just need to install on your machine and select folders to take backup. Software will do all its work automatically. Software also runs in background so that your pc performance doesn't get affected. One account can manage your entire computer so administrator can restore any files on any machine with a click of button. ZettaTM Cloud Backup Software is available for Desktop PCs and Mac Machines.

Cloud Collaboration

ZettaTM cloud Backup also provide additional facility of Briefcase product. ZettaTM Briefcase allows multiple users to access and update the files at one time. You can select the Updates which you wont to overwrite your version of files. It allows you to share files with other users and do Collaborative working on Cloud. It's your Portal

Want to share the files with your external users or clients? ZettaTM provides your web sharing facility for your files. Simply select the file you want to share and enter the email id of the person. ZettaTM Shares your files under your personalize domain that is You can also access your personal portal for managing your backup out of office. This is a unique feature which is available in ZettaTM

ZettaTM Cloud Backup Storage

ZettaTM Provide you cloud storage which can be accessed from FTP, SFTP or WEBDAV easily which makes is faster to take or access your backup. You can develop your own application which will help you to take and manage your backups.

ZettaTM Cloud One Click Restore

If your hard drive fails and you restore new hard drive all you have to do is install your ZettaTM Restore client on your machine Insert your Username and Password and Click Restore button to restore your files on new hard drive or new machine. Once restoring complete Install ZettaTM Backup Software and reselect the folders you want to backup on new machine.